Woman Tells Another Woman Two Disturbing Words to Her in At The Walmart Parking Lot Quickly Runs To Her Car and Calls 911


It all started in a Walmart parking lot in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Tia Withers had just left the store after shopping and was heading to her car. In the position she saw a woman and her children with a strange man.

She didn’t think about it much at the time, but that changed the moment the woman said something very upsetting. It turns out that the family was under duress from the stranger and needed help!


Tia got to work, got into her car and tried to stop the man’s car from driving away, but the man hit her car, forcing her to back out. However, she kept it while he moved with the family. Tia kept the cops on the phone as she chased after the car – and the cops finally showed up!

The scammer’s name was Michael McKinney. He drove the family from North Carolina to Ohio with the intention of stealing their savings from Western Union. Well, it looks like his efforts didn’t go as planned.

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